I’ve been fortunate to spend a career designing and coding business software solutions for large companies, like Leidos, Blockbuster Video, Ingersoll Rand and National Oak Distributors.

These companies knew that business software was the key to reducing costs and labor and thus remain competitive. In other words, a new software solution that improves your bottom line doesn’t have to be unreasonably expensive or overly complex.

I can work with your teams, to bring fresh ideas, design and develop software solutions that realize your business requirements.

Here are just a few of the services that I can bring to you.

  • Technology and Vendor Selection assistance.

  • Consulting, meeting and working with business units in your company to solve their business issue with a technology solution.

  • Architecting the correct software solution to achieve your business requirement.

  • Writing software requirements for budgeting, vendor bids or project estimation.