I am only looking for mid-range developer contract positions, preferably using Angular front-end and dotnet Core stack or SQL/MySql Developer positions.
Buddy Stein
Full-Stack Software Programmer

** Note to Recruiters/Employers: I am only looking for mid-range developer positions. **

I only consider contract positions mainly coding Angular/Dotnet Core or MVC full-stack or SQL Server Developer.

I am a veteran full-stack software developer who implements scalable solutions that integrate with existing systems. I design and code backend and front end software using Angular, .Net MVC, .Net Core, Entity Framework, EDI X12, Restful and OData API using .net and ServiceStack and unit testing and Agile methodology. I am proficient with both SQL Server and MySQL, database design, views, stored procedures, and other supporting objects.


.NET Framework and Core, C#, MVC, Angular, ASP.Net, Ajax, jQuery, .NET Framework and Core, C#, MVC, Angular, Angular Material, Telerik/Kendo UI, BootStrap, Typescript, Dapper, Entity Framework, ASP.Net, Restful and OData APIs, Ajax, jQuery, Javascript, EDI X12, Microsoft Dependency Injection & Logging Extensions, SignalR, NLog, SeriLog, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Azure Web Apps, Microsoft Test Framework, NUnit, Git, Agile Methodology, Jenkins CI/CD, Docker, Hugo, Visual Studio, VS Code, Visual Basic, ServiceStack, limited Pentaho ETL, Crystal Reports, BI Reports, PDFSharp and MigraDoc.

Leidos / Lockheed Martin (Nov 2021 - June 2021, as a contract programmer)

I completed a successful assignment as a member of a team coding an application for internal corporate use that was added to a suite of software that is used worldwide by all divisions to manage the approval process, intra-company expenditures and oversight of domestic and global defense contracts.

I was the second lead and my responsibilities included front-end coding in Angular (V13) and Material UI, building the server side APIs in .Net, custom PDF report generation using PDFSharp and MigraDoc, as well as a large portion of the SQL server database development to support the application. In addition, the application involved coding rules to ensure ITAR requirements are met in addition to government and corporate compliance. Additionally, currency conversions and localization are necessary for this international software.

I also interfaced with the business analyst team who created the design specifications and have expertise in domestic and international defense contracts. This application passed all user acceptance testing (UAT) in two weeks and was deployed successfully into production upon my contract completion.

National Oak Distributors (2007 - 2021)

Below are significant software projects that I developed over the past 15 years. I have personally architected, coded, and tested all of these projects. Some of these required integration with legacy ERP/Accounting systems. In such cases the ERP developer would code modifications and API's to that system per my specifications.

Purchasing EDI Integration – This application manages all trading documents related to $90 million dollars of product purchasing. I have worked with EDI teams in many large companies like 3M, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, and Azko-Nobel to successfully map, onboard, and establish the EDI B2B connectivity.

  • Utilizes Windows Service to manage all documents related to $90 million dollars of product purchasing with over 25 EDI enabled suppliers, saves six figures annually
  • Supports EDI-X12 850, 997, 856 and 810 document sending, receiving, and validation
  • Integrates the EDI service bureau and our legacy ERP purchasing and payables systems
  • Includes web-based dashboard that displays transaction status, logs, search by purchase order

Customer Order EDI Integration – This suite of applications manages all documents relating to EDI orders, order review and edits, acknowledgments, invoicing, and advanced ship notices.

  • Enables company to accept orders from customers who use traditional EDI X12 networks
  • Supports EDI-X12 850, 997, 856 and 810 document sending, receiving, validation and integration between the EDI service bureau and our internal legacy ERP systems
  • Integrated major companies including Amazon, and Advance Auto Stores

Freight Rate Gateway - Calculates freight rates, based on company defined business rules, optimum carton packing and also provides address validation and correction.

  • Integrates FedEx Rate and Address Validation APIs with proprietary freight business rules
  • Windows Service written in C# exposes restful APIs to multi-tenant applications seamlessly calculating order shipping charges.
  • Handles over 6,000 daily order freight requests saving $150,000 per year due to accuracy

Electronic Order BOT - This software is a rule-based order validator, accepter, and processor.

  • Coded as a Windows Service that pre-scans roughly 20,000 orders per year saving $75,000 annually
  • Analyzes stock availability, warehouse proximity, and optimum fill rates to create orders in the legacy ERP system without user intervention
  • Orders that cannot process due to business rules and complexity passed for manual handling

Warehouse Management System (WMS) – – This WMS software written in C#, utilizes Symbol MC3000 mobile computers and Zebra printers and is currently used in 16 warehouses by several hundred employees to fulfill over a million dollars per day of orders.

  • Tightly coupled with the company's legacy ERP system; handles order pick, pack, receiving, directed put-away, transfer, stock moves, printing, and returns processing. Mangement dashboards make extensive use of Telerik KendoUI tooling.
  • Written in C#, utilizes Symbol MC3000 mobile computers and Zebra printers.
  • Used in 16 warehouses by several hundred staff to fulfill over a million dollars of orders per day.

Document Imaging and Workflow Application – Paper-less enterprise document processing system

  • In place over 10 years, handling over 20 million documents and saving $95,000 annually
  • Processes all documents related to purchasing, warehouse receiving, vendor payment, customer remittances, bank deposits, employee training records, and confidential vendor contracts. Extensive use of Telerik KendoUI tooling.
  • Integrates corporate copiers nationwide using OCR to route documents through workflows
  • Indexes, logs, and archive images to off-site image servers
  • Features tightly secured web based retrieval of pages from scanned stacks, rendering a single dynamically created pdf to users

Other Software Systems - In addition to the major systems, I also designed and coded many applications that expose API endpoints for inventory, orders, automated emailing, record-keeping, and marketing campaigns.

Security One / Ingersoll Rand (2003-2006)

  • Responsible for coding new features in a proprietary ASP web based job quoting system.

Family Central

  • Coded proprietary case management and subsidized child care software

Blockbuster Video Corporate (Director R&D - US App Development)

  • Developed and deployed recommendation engine
  • Authored executive information system dashboards
  • Managed a team developing in-store applications, interactive kiosks, and franchisee support software
  • Managed contractors to develop applications that supported multi-state sales tax processing
  • Developed proprietary algorithms and software for the Blockbuster customer movie recommendation engine U.S. Patent 5,459,306

Education: University of Tampa - 1975

References available on request

Buddy Stein